Mecca Living: Of pots and pans and colors galore…

As I headed towards Narayana Pillai Street from Safina Plaza, the riot of colors of a little shop adjacent to Shiv Sagar caught my eye.  Curious and always in search of something unique to pick up for the house, I took the small flight of stairs downwards that led to this compact store and discovered that it has some really classy ceramic ware. Here you can find mugs, kettles, tea sets, pots, giara bottles, candle holders and a lot more in some of the brightest colors and unique shapes.

Bottles in various hues
Bottles in various hues
Kettles and mugs
Kettles and mugs

This 90-year old store is owned by the affable Mr. Ahmed who told us that it was originally was run by his grandfather who started off by selling balloons here.  After dabbling in a lot of other stuff including electric fittings and books, the store now retails ceramic ware that are all hand crafted and sourced from Aligarh, UP.

Mr. Ahmed
Mr. Ahmed

There are ready sets too in and while I have a weakness for blue pottery, I thought the ones in the earthy shades with the “Warli” design were really different.

Lots of ready sets to choose from!
Lots of ready sets to choose from!

All the ceramic ware is microwave safe and so can be used effectively to heat and serve.  While I was spoilt for choice, some of my favorites were the tumblers and vintage water containers and jugs.

My favourites!
My favorites!

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own and I was not offered any monetary compensation or freebies for writing this. 

Pics credit: Bindu Gopal Rao

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