Particle Board: a surprisingly elegant alternative to glass on cane

When the glass of my center table cracked, I was quite heart broken considering that it had served me for years and also the potential hassle of getting hold of someone to replace it was not a very exciting prospect.  But the brighter side of this was that, I could give my table a new look.

So, looking out for alternatives that would be more sturdy and easier to maintain, I found particle/chip board whose color really went well with the hue of the cane.  Initially I did have some reservations as it is a material that is used primarily in packing, I decided to go for it as the pattern and color of the board complimented the bamboo well.

After the board was fitted, it was cleaned with sand paper and a couple of coats of wood polish (also called “Touch wood” polish) were applied.  The latter did the magic, in that, it gave the board a nice sheen and subtle gloss that not only looks chic but also makes it water proof.




Buoyed by the “success” of this project, I changed the top of my dining table even the glass was intact! Only thing different this time, was that the board was fitted over the border of the table, making it more spacious and easier to clean.


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