Upcycling idea: Door frame to wall shelves

Wood, according to me is always a commodity that should not be wasted and must be reused/recycled at every opportunity.

So when another door frame was being discarded,  I was sure I wanted to upcycle this one also.  The door frame was much larger than the previous one I had worked on.  So I decided that this one could be cut and assembled as a wall unit/shelf that could hold anything from photographs to artefacts to flower vases or plants.

Here are some pictures of the transformation:

Original door frame


Work in progress


Wood frame


Wall shelf 1
Mini wall shelf 2

21 thoughts on “Upcycling idea: Door frame to wall shelves

  1. Idea is excellent but to me they looked 2 diff sets of wood. The thickness of the shelves is much more than the thickness of the frame. Enlighten me pls.

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    1. Thanks Nisha; they look different as the shelf has been polished in a different shade of teak. Regarding the thickness, you are right about shelf 2, I asked the carpenter to join two pieces together so that we can increase the thickness.


  2. Marvelous!
    This is one way of recycling nature what has given to us.
    This is one creativity what one can learn.
    This is one to give ideas to others and especially the carpenters.
    Mother Nature shall one day ask everybody to do this.
    Pats! Pats!! Pats!!!


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